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Get lean, shapely, tight and toned in 10 weeks! 

Hand-crafted for the 40+ woman!

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Nutrition and Lifestyle Lessons..

10-Week Best Shape of Your Life Challenge!

Week 1 - Protein  - Type, timing and recipes!. 

Week 2 - Carbs - How much do we really need?

Week 3 - Fats - The good, bad and ugly! 

Week 4 - Metabolism, Calories and Fat-burning!

Week 5 - Clean Eating....what is it really?

Week 6 - The Bailey Hunger Scale,  Tracking Sheet!

Week 7 - The Law of Attraction! Harnessing the POWER!

Week 8 - Beliefs and YOU - Are you self-sabotaging?

Week 9 - More recipes, menu plans, and E-books!

Week 10 - The Final Countdown! How did YOU do?


Whole Body, Double Split, Triple Split workouts. With videos, sets, reps and training TIPS!  PLUS cardio and plyometrics too!

"I've been exercising my whole life but found myself in a rut and not getting results.  The 10 Week Challenge really changed my life.  The nutritional guidance and workouts improved my energy and sleep, I lost weight and my strength improved.  I feel amazing and can't believe my body fat is lower now than when I was in university!  I couldn't have done this without your coaching and passion Karen! This program works!!! THANK YOU! " - Trish Scheidel, Victoria BC

"I am so thrilled with how far I've come, and this is just the start! Thanks Karen, for designing a program that I love, that fits my life, and that shows awesome results if you're willing to commit. You get what you give!" Tanya Lee (left and top), down 10 pounds, 8 inches!