Lose weight! Feel GREAT!

Get lean, shapely, tight and toned in 10 weeks! 

Hand-crafted for the 40+ woman!

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Nutrition and Lifestyle Lessons..

10-Week Best Shape of Your Life Challenge!

Week 1 - Protein  - Type, timing and recipes!. 

Week 2 - Carbs - How much do we really need?

Week 3 - Fats - The good, bad and ugly! 

Week 4 - Metabolism, Calories and Fat-burning!

Week 5 - Clean Eating....what is it really?

Week 6 - The Bailey Hunger Scale,  Tracking Sheet!

Week 7 - The Law of Attraction! Harnessing the POWER!

Week 8 - Beliefs and YOU - Are you self-sabotaging?

Weeks 9,10 - Menu plans, E-books! and the Final Count!

PLUS a FREE 30-day trial (reg $41.99) or our Warrior Woman  Maintenance Program once the Challenge ends!

Three Hand-crafted WORKOUTS...!

Whole Body, Double Split, Triple Split workouts. PLUS MET!

"I've been exercising my whole life but found myself in a rut and not getting results.  The 10 Week Challenge really changed my life.  The nutritional guidance and workouts improved my energy and sleep, I lost weight and my strength improved.  I feel amazing and can't believe my body fat is lower now than when I was in university!  I couldn't have done this without your coaching and passion Karen! This program works!!! THANK YOU! " - Trish Scheidel, Victoria BC

"I am so thrilled with how far I've come, and this is just the start! Thanks Karen, for designing a program that I love, that fits my life, and that shows awesome results if you're willing to commit. You get what you give!" Tanya Lee (left and top), down 10 pounds, 8 inches!